We are looking for outings for 2020. If you have a favoured birding site you would like to visit as a day trip or as a campout, please call –  Nev Capell – 0411 819 151

Outings will be held on last Sunday of each month, or campouts on the weekend including that Sunday. Some campouts are also held on long weekends with a regular yearly longer trip organised.

We also do regular surveys of Shorebirds at the Port of Bundaberg.

NOTE: In addition to the outings below, other approved Birdlife Bundaberg campouts and day trips will be conducted from time to time.


Oct – 23/24/25 – BirdLife Bundaberg Campout – Wongi Waterholes

Oct – 25 – BirdLife Bundaberg Day Outing – Wongi Waterholes

Nov – 29 – BirdLife Bundaberg outing –

Dec – 06 – BirdLife Bundaberg AGM –