Zillmann Scientific Area

How to drive to the Zillmann Scientific Area.
Instructions and photos by Carl Moller.

These tracks can be driven by conventional cars with care, but high clearance is essential.  Beware fallen logs and washed out creek crossings. Mobile phone signal is patchy.

Starting point for odometer: Promisedland Road, at the corner of Carter Road.   Carter Road is about 2km west of the corner of Promisedland Road and Phillips Road.

0.0 km        Corner of Carter and Promisedland Road

0.65 km      Cattle grid. Sign “Cordalba National Park”

2.09 km Take right turn. Signs “Cordalba National Park” and “State Forest”

3.1 km. Take turn to the right. Sign “National Park”

3.31 km Veer to the left – do not turn right.

5.23 km Turn left.  The track will descend down a ridgeline.

7.57 km Take sharp turn to the right.  This can be grassy and difficult to see.  After rain this spot becomes very boggy.

8.85 km You should see the gate at the entrance to the Scientific Area. Be sure to close the gate afterwards.  It is possible to drive right through the Scientific Area and come back via an alternative route, but this is not recommended after rainfall.